How Biases Keep Injured Motorcyclists From Getting the Compensation They Deserve

Because of years of misleading and inaccurate movie and TV portrayals, motorcyclists are sometimes seen as devil-may-care, lawless individuals who regularly endanger others and themselves. In fact, when they think of a motorcycle rider, a motorist is more likely to envision unruly gang members or clueless young people than upstanding community members who simply like their freedom. Read on to learn how these stereotypes harm motorcyclists in personal injury matters.

Damaging Misconceptions, Diminished Recoveries

While misconceptions and myths about motorcyclists keep the pastime shrouded in mystery, they sometimes work against riders who are seeking compensation for the injuries and economic losses they’ve sustained in a motorcycle accident. Though an accident may be someone else’s fault, biases against motorcyclists may lead law officers, other motorists, juries, judges, and insurance adjusters to falsely assign the blame to the rider. This often leads to lower damages and reduced insurance settlements.

The Most Common Biases Against Motorcyclists: They’re Tough to Beat

Thankfully, the existence of prejudice against motorcycle riders doesn’t always mean that it is impossible for a victim to get the justice and compensation they deserve. A skilled Personal Injury Lawyer with a focus on motorcycle cases will thoroughly investigate the accident and present the evidence in ways that refute biases like:

  • The motorcycle and rider were too difficult to see
  • The rider was speeding or behaving recklessly when the accident occurred
  • The motorcyclist is always responsible for an accident, no matter the circumstances
  • Those who ride motorcycles are criminals and thugs rather than law-abiding citizens

An attorney will try to combat these biases in various ways, including using eyewitness and accident reconstructionists’ testimony to build a solid case.

Consult a Skilled Local Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If a person is injured in a motorcycle accident caused by another entity or person’s negligence, they may be eligible for compensation. The skilled lawyers at the firm will investigate the accident, assemble a solid case, and help the victim overcome biases that may result in a smaller award than they deserve. Visit the website to learn more or call today to request an appointment for a free consultation.